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The Ultimate Fighter 5: Episode 7 Recap

Ultimate Fighter 5 Cast

Spoiler Warning!

Continue reading only if you want to know the details and results from episode 6 of The Ultimate Fighter 5…

This weeks TUF 5 marked the end of preliminary competition. Unlike last weeks 2 fight episode, this week the first half was all non-fight action seemingly indicating we’d be seeing at least one of the fights end by stoppage. Left to fight this week are Team Penn’s Gray Maynard and Matt Wiman (arguably their two top fighters) and Team Pulver’s Marlon Sims and Wayne Weems who had both been portrayed as a liar and weak respectively. See where we’re going with this one?

Before the fight UFC President Dana White calls on BJ to take control of his team. His plan? Get rid of previously eliminated fighter Andy Wang, kicking him off the team for not following directions. Luckily for Wang, Jens and his team wanted him on their team and White obliged allowing him to switch to the gold squad and stay in the house.

First bout of the episode pitted Wayne Weems against Gray Maynard. The fight was dominated by Maynard who landed a big shot and never looked back perching himself on top of Weems’ back and pounding away until referee Herb Dean stopped the bout after several minutes of pounding in the first round.

Penn’s team repeated the feat in the next fight when Matt Wiman quickly landed a solid punch to Sims’ face taking him to the ground. After a few more Solid punches Wiman cinched up a rear naked choke and, after refusing to tap out, Sims went to sleep giving the win to Wiman.

Next week Penn and Pulver will decide quarterfinals matchups with Dana White and we will see the first of the next round of 4 fights.

Team Penn
Gray Maynard (1-0)
Matt Wiman (1-0)
Joe Lauzon (1-0)
Rob Emerson
Gabe Ruediger

Andy Wang
Noah Thomas
Allen Berube

Team Pulver
Corey Hill (1-0)
Manny Gamburyan (1-0)
Cole Miller (1-0)
Brandon Melendez (1-0)
Nate Diaz (1-0)
Brian Geraghty
Wayne Weems
Marlon Sims
Andy Wang


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