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Predictions For UFC 87 “Seek And Destroy”

Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch Staredown at UFC 87 Weigh-InsI honestly cannot recall the last time I felt so amped for a UFC pay-per-view, and can only hope that “Seek And Destroy” delivers on the excitement I’ve been greedily awaiting for the past month. That being said, lets get right to it with some predictions.

George St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch- Welterweight Title Bout
GSP via TKO, round 4.

Slam dunk pick right here. I feel like this fight should play out as a welterweight version of Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver, with GSP playing the former. There are a lot of folks out there claiming that GSP will run into trouble with Fitch as Fitch is so well rounded, durable, and seemingly unafraid of the one they call “Rush.” But let’s get real for a second. As good as Fitch is in all aspects of the MMA game, GSP is just a little bit better in every department.

When I lay it down on paper- striking, wrestling, submissions, transitions, backflip ability- all still have to go to GSP regardless of Fitch’s high end skills. It should take GSP a little while to find his rhythm and expose Jon Fitch but eventually, as GSP attacks and pressures, expect Fitch to make a mistake that someone who has yet to be in the championship rounds would make. I’m thinking Fitch finds himself mounted somewhere in the fourth and just can’t escape those Canadian fists of fury.

Continue reading for predictions on the rest of the UFC 87 main card bouts including Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta and Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring…

Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta
Florian via split decision

I have to agree with Dana White and countless others when I say that this one has fight of the night and perhaps even fight of the year written all over it. Between Huerta’s tenacity and Florian’s technical acumen (not to mention his publicized desire to finish fights) I’m expecting nothing short of fireworks once these two take the octagon. The question is, what happens after Huerta’s aggression peaks and falls right into the capable hands of Kenny Florian? Simply put, I expect Huerta to find himself in some trouble that he will be unable to get out of after the first round. I don’t know that Florian will be able to finish Huerta, but I just don’t think that Huerta can handle someone as technically sound and strong as “KenFlo.”

Huerta’s stand up is very good but Florian’s Muay Thai is just on a different level, and on the ground Huerta has proved more than competent, but he does seem to get taken down fairly easily and if pressure is maintained, Kenny should be able to keep him in a losing position all night. Like many MMA fans, I’m big on Roger Huerta and admit I always enjoy watching him put on a show inside the octagon, the man certainly has a draw that someone like Kenny Florian could never equal. Nonetheless I have to look past my fanatic pick and go with the smart money, which I believe is on Florian all the way.

Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring
Herring via submission, round 2.

Experience. Experience. Experience. That is what will win this fight for Heath Herring. I would not have fed Lesnar to Mir and then to Herring as the UFC is doing, but if Lesnar really asked for it (and he says he did) then he’s going to get what he deserves: an 0-2 UFC record come Sunday morning. Brock Lesnar is probably stronger than Heath Herring and might even be able to threaten with some ground and pound here and there, but Heath is very comfortable working off his back and will be happy to let Lesnar make a mistake which he will capitalize on.

Heath Herring doesn’t seem very nervous for his encounter with Lesnar and with good reason- there are so many ways Lesnar can lose which greatly outnumber the ways he can win. For all anyone knows, Lesnar is just looking to pound Herring’s face in and pray that he doesn’t get the script flipped on him a la Frank Mir. No one knows if Lesnar has any cardio, striking, or very improved submission defense. Unless Lesnar can connect with a mega-shot to the button, I see him getting tapped out in the second.

Jason MacDonald vs. Demian Maia
MacDonald via TKO, round 2.

Demian Maia would own MacDonald on the ground any day of the week but this one might not get the opportunity to get there. If MacDonald can sprawl and brawl, making Maia pay for all of his takedown attempts, you should expect Maia to gas out and succumb to a flurry of strikes, which I foresee happening sometime in the third round.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Rob Emerson
Gamburyan via submission, round 2.

It is well known that Manny Gamburyan likes to relentlessly attack opponents and submit them, that’s just his game plan and it doesn’t look to ever change. Will it always work? Probably not. But it certainly will tomorrow night because Rob Emerson just isn’t that good in general- there I said it. My guess is Manny will bulldog his way into a kimura or choke somewhere in the second.


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