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Dana White Talks Tito, Sylvia, and More

UFC President Dana WhiteIt’s almost as if UFC President Dana White is on cruise control…all the time. The man never seems to slow down when it comes to bashing those who he feels have wronged or disappointed him in some fashion.

White was the spotlight of a recent Playboy interview, and for those too embarrassed to ask the clerk behind the counter at 7-Eleven for a copy, here is an excerpt (courtesy of F4WOnline)which further explores Dana’s well documented distaste for (surprise) Tito Ortiz:

“That big-mouthed bit*h, that clown. Back when he had the title, he refused to fight Chuck Liddell. He sat on the sidelines for a year and a half, crying, ‘Aww, I don’t have any money!’ So I brought him back and made him a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. That year he made more than $6 million, yet he bit*hes about me. Well, I put up with Tito’s sh*t when he was a decent fighter, but now he’s not and I don’t have to… Did you see what a wall flower he was on [The Celebrity Apprentice]? The guy has no presence. He was the idiot hiding in the back. If he actually did something, people would know how stupid he is.”

As harsh as Dana’s words appear, the man’s hatred of Tito is really nothing new. However it does seem that Mr. White has some piping fresh animosity for former UFC champion Tim Sylvia, who was thoroughly thrashed on two separate occasions this past week…

“Look, we cut Tim Sylvia, he couldn’t cut it in the UFC anymore.”

“Tim has been boring people for years.”

“But we all have to thank him [Emelianenko] for getting rid of Tim Sylvia. He’d been stinking out the joint the last couple of years and Fedor did everyone a favor by beating him so easily and getting rid of him.”

Lastly, Dana again ranted in his Playboy interview about how the UFC is taking over the professional sports empire, this time noting that the NFL will eventually be forced to take a backseat to the Zuffa operated promotion:

“What are the major sports in America right now? The NFL and Major League Baseball, with the NBA third. The NHL was fourth, but now we’re fourth, and we’re still in our infancy. Our ratings on Spike TV beat most of the major sports in our 18-to-34 demo. Last year we beat four Monday Night Football games in the demo. In eight years, the UFC will be bigger than the NFL, bigger than World Cup soccer. It will be the biggest sport in the world.”

I’m all for MMA getting bigger and better, but Dana’s tone just seems greedy and borderline comic book villainous. While White caps things off by stating “it will be the biggest sport in the world” he prefaces it with “the UFC will be bigger than the NFL”.

Not the sport of mixed martial arts as a whole, but the UFC.


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