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Anthony Johnson “Going To Wait Until October” To Fight Again

Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson, who suffered a controversial eye poke TKO loss to Kevin Burns at UFC Fight Night 14 in July, will be cleared to fight in September after undergoing successful surgery to repair a detached retina suffered in the bout.

Johnson, however, will wait until October to return to the octagon to allow his eye further time to heal.

“I had laser surgery to reattach my retina and I got stitches in my eyeball right now. The laceration on my eye was from one end of my eye to the other,” Johnson told MMA Weekly. “I wasn’t really big on the whole appealing the fight anyway. Every single champion has a loss on his record. I’m trying to see myself as the bigger and better guy. If he’s the champion one day, I’ll accept an ‘L’. Everybody was hating on Mazzagatti because of the call, but he was on the side I was blocking on, so he actually didn’t see the guy eye gouge me. All he saw was the uppercut… he called what he thought he saw and I respect him. I was disappointed because I did lose like that… when it should have been a no contest or a DQ. He saw what he thought he saw, so I’m not hating on him about it.”

“The doctor said I can be cleared in September to fight,” Johnson continued. “But I don’t want to fight in September. I’m just going to wait until October and get my eye right.”


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