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The Ultimate Fighter 5: Episode 8 Recap

Ultimate Fighter 5 Cast

With the preliminary round of this season in the book and Team Penn moving 3 fighters into the quarterfinals and Pulver bringing 5 there was sure to be drama when it came to making the matchups for the next round. Sure enough as Dana White say down with the two coaches drama was abundant. It was mild from the begining but when Penn and White had the same matchups Pulver felt there was controversy brewing, although he ultimately settled on the matchups.

The fights we are going to see will be Joe Lauzon vs. Cole Miller, Gray Maynard vs. Brandon Melendez, Corey Hill vs. Nate Diaz, and Matt Wiman vs. Manny Gamburyan. Lauzon v. Miller was first up.

The announcement has Team Penn’s fighters excited while Team Pulver is dejected that Diaz and Hill will be meeting in the quarterfinals. This was just the start of the controversy for this episode.

Following the announcement the guys head back to the house for a night of drinking and fun, or so they thought. A self-admitted drunk Marlon Sims starts dissing people for tapping out upsetting Noah Thomas who tapped earlier on the season. After some back and forth banter Sims charged Noah flipping him out of his chair. The move rightly upset Noah setting up what is now referred to as “the most technical street fight ever”.

After clearing an area to brawl the two start a grusome battle including some a cheap punch and kick by Noah and some concrete head slams by Sims. To me I was disgusted to see the moves Sims tried to pull because it put Noah and well as the sport at risk. After seeing the video Dana White felt the same talking to the house and eventually sending Sims, Thomas, and Alan Berubie home.

With the drama for the episode done and over with we moved on to the fight preparations during which they glorified Joes skills and went through the typical predictions by Dana and others who agreed that Lauzon would emerge victorious, although I doubt few expected the fight to go the way it did.

After we see the weigh-ins and stare down the fight quickly begins with a bang. Surprisingly Cole lands a big strike to Joe who goes to the ground. Cole flips Joe over taking his back, locking in a deep choke in the process. Somehow Lauzon escapes the attempted submission and controls the round from there on out. Lauzon wins the round controlling Cole but he stayed active while on the bottom looking for submissions and defending himself. End of round 1.

Round 2 starts with Lauzon taking control of Miller gaining an upper hand before accidentally (and illegally) throwing an elbow to the back of Cole’s head. Obviously rocked by the move the ref deducts a point from Lauzon giving Miller time to recover. Surprisingly Cole is allowed to continue but stands no chance at this point, quickly being taken down by Lauzon who pounds on him until the ref stops the fight.

Lauzon, obviously disappointed at the way he scored the win, doesn’t look happy with the way the fight went. Cole is taken to the hospital following the fight to get checked out for the elbow. Next week we will be seeing Gray Maynard vs. Brandon Melendez.


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