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The Truth on the Sleepy Liddell Saga

For those who haven’t heard, or seen, yet UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell appeared on a show called Good Morning Texas to promote his fighitng and more importantly the upcoming movie ‘300’. On the show the champ displayed slurred speech and promted the host ask “You alright?”. Well the truth has finally been revealed via

Early stories pointed to Liddell being drunk, then it was that he was sleepy on NyQuil, but finally his trainer, John Hackleman, came out with the full story. Liddell was on a combination of MyQuil and prescribtion sleeping pills. Here’s an except from the story:

“On the night before his appearance on Good Morning Texas, Liddell was in Texas and was on the phone with Hackleman, asking what he could take to get some sleep. Hackleman told him to take some Nyquil and drink lots of water. Apparently, Liddell still couldn’t sleep and someone nearby gave him prescription sleep aid pills, which are not supposed to be taken in combination with non-prescription sleep aids like Nyquil. Four hours later, it was time for Liddell to wake up for his TV appearance, and the rest is history.

At the time it was thought that the fighter had bronchitis but Dana White recently revealed that Liddell in fact has pnemonia. So what’s next for Chuck?:

“Hackleman said that Liddell has to take a two-week supply of antibiotics for his pneumonia before he gets back to training for a fight that will hopefully take place in May (UFC 71) against a still undetermined opponent.”

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