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UFC 68: MacDonald’s Post-Fight Reaction

Jason MacDonald (18-8-0, 2-1 UFC) lost to Rich Franklin (21-2 MMA, 8-1 UFC) at UFC 68 but is far from giving up. MacDonald’s team was forced to throw in the towel after a Franlin punch to his eye left him blind and unable to continue the fight. His post fight interview with the Edmonton Sun is just bursting with worthy quotables:

“The second last blow hit me square in the right eye and I saw a little flash and then at the end of the round I couldn’t see out of my right eye.”

And that is when the article gets really interesting:

“I saw some of the UFC staff jumping up and down like Rich Franklin was their child or something and I took great, great offence to that,” said Pavelich (MacDonald’s trainer) “I am going to take that into training every day now until we get back there.”

Franklin was the obvious fan favorite at the Ohio event hailing from the state but I think it is quite disrespectful that “UFC staff” were outwardly cheering for Franklin. This spark may have lit a fire that could involve a Franklin/MacDonald rematch somewhere down the road.

MacDonald is most likely heading towards a fight at a summer UFC event while Rich Franklin has publicly announced he wants a rematch with Anderson Silva.

Things have not been completely sour for MacDonald since the loss. The Canadian native was awarded the Edmonton Boxing and Wrestling Commission’s athlete of the year award for 2006 in the mixed martial arts category.

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