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The Ultimate Fighter 5: Episode 10 Recap

Ultimate Fighter 5 Cast

**Warning, Spoilers Included**

This week we are treated to another two match episode which will wrap up the quarterfinal round of the competition. Nate Diaz will face teammate Cory Hill and Manny Gamburyan will take on Team Penn’s Matt Wiman.

Wanting some needed separation from teammate Hill, Diaz decides to train with BJ Penn. The decision puts him in hot water with the other cast members on Team Pulver who feel betrayed by the move. Pulver too isn’t thrilled with the decision by Diaz but said that everybody needs to do what is right for them and train where they feel comfortable so he accepts the move.

Although they don’t show the weigh-ins both fights make the cut and it is fight day between the teammates.

The fight starts with Cory throwing Nate to the ground multiple times landing a few good shots. Cory doesn’t go after Diaz hard on the ground so he keeps returning to his feet. As the round starts to wind down Hill takes him down again and attempts to pass guard on Nate but gets caught in a triangle choke. Unable to get out of the submission Hill taps out to give the win to Diaz.

Cory was very gracious in defeat saying he would be coming back strong. On a little side note, Cory is training with Miletich Fighting Systems which is the same team coach Jens Pulver also trains with.  Diaz says he didn’t perform to his ability but he ultimately got the win to move to the semifinals.

In preparation for their next fight Manny’s cousin Karo Parisyan visits the team to help them train for a few days leading up to the bout. Both fighters make weight and Dana White predicts Wiman to win the impending bout because he thinks Manny is too small and Wiman is too strong.

At the beginning of the fight they both come out swinging with jabs and knees. Wiman takes the fight to the ground but with nothing going Manny escapes. Manny takes control on the ground but Wiman escapes and in the scramble Manny catches him with a knee opening a cut on Wiman’s face but after the doctor clears him the fight continues.

Manny returns Wiman to the ground and pounds away but Matt continues to keep the fight active defending himself. The first round goes to Manny pretty easily.

In a clone of the first round they start trading punches then Manny takes him to the ground and works from the mount with solid punches. After the pace slows Herb Dean stands them up. Wiman uses the change of pace to throw a series of punches eventually putting him into the fence and eventually on the ground.

Manny changes the pace regaining top control and pounding away yet again. The referees give both rounds to Manny meaning each team will have 2 fighters in the semifinals.

Next week Joe Lauzon, Gray Maynard, Manny Gamburyan, and Nate Diaz will be going at it although their exact matchups aren’t known. In the preview it is alluded that UFC President Dana White want each pair of teammates to square off in the semis likely so they have a guaranteed matchup between one member of each team.


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