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New Report Casts Doubt Onto Liddell’s Health Prior to UFC 71 Fight

Reports have surfaced that Chuck Liddell was in drug rehab immediately before his fight on May 26th against Quinton Jackson where he suffered a quick KO defeat.

Here is the quote from former UFC fighter Vernon White that sparked the resurgence of questions over Liddell’s health and mental focus leading into UFC 71:

“I can’t bad mouth Chuck. He just came off a hard loss. Chuck just got out of rehab, but I do have to say it was stupid for him to come out of rehab and fight Quinton the way he fought him. He should have fought a smarter fight. Quinton’s my boy, I love you, and hold that belt forever.”

Lots of fans and media have questioned Liddell’s preparation for the fight which had no win bonus on the line. Most reports surrounded accounts of “The Iceman” hanging out in clubs prior to the fight. Liddell responded by saying it was not out of the ordinary although a recent video of Liddell receiving a lap dance from two women may raise concerns over the UFC star yet again.

This is really all there is to go on at the point but if the account gains steam (which it already appears to be doing) a response from the UFC or Liddell is to be expected. I will continue to monitor the situation and will report any news I come across as soon as possible.


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