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Liddell-Rehab Claim Denied by Manager

Yesterday former UFC fighter Vernon White made the claim that Liddell was in drug rehab immediately before UFC 71 citing his drug-induced stupor on a Texas morning show as well as a close friend as confirmation of a stint in rehab. Liddell’s manager Jervis Cole responded to the report on UFC Junkie:

“[It’s] not true. No other comment is needed.”

Liddell’s preparation (and health) have come into question since he lost so quickly on May 26th at UFC 71. Most reports surrounded accounts of “The Iceman� hanging out in clubs prior to the fight with Liddell responding that it was not out of the ordinary although a recent video of Liddell receiving a lap dance from two women may raise concerns over the UFC star yet again.

This story seems to just be getting started and although the above quote completely denies the report I think we will be hearing more about this very soon.


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