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Radev Taken Out on Stretcher, Sent to Local Hospital as a Precaution

In one of the more somber scenes from UFC Fight Night 10 UFC newcomer Jordan Radev left the octagon under his own power but was taken from the arena on a stretcher to a local hospital as a precaution.

In a recap on by Thomas Gerbasi it is pointed out that Radev was attended to by medical staff before leaving the octagon on his own. Readers have since sent in and posted reports that Radev was latter strapped to a stretcher before leaving the arena.

Here is the report from which also criticizes the late stoppage of the fight:

In the Spike TV opener, Drew McFedries (6-2) made short work of former Bulgarian Olympic wrestling team member Jordan Radev (16-2), taking advantage of the UFC newcomer’s porous defense with crisp right uppercuts down the middle. The final one put Radev on the mat, and another right hand knocked the Bulgarian out, but referee Jorge Alonso was a step slow stopping the bout, giving McFedries the KO win at the 33 second mark only after another couple of unnecessary shots landed. Thankfully, Radev, after being attended to by the Octagonside medical team for a few minutes, left the ring under his own power.

Although the KO was quick and brutal and several large shots went unanswered just before the fight was stopped it appears that Radev’s injuries are relatively minor.

The Florida Commission in charge of sanctioning UFC fights in the state is typically rather prompt in issuing medical suspensions for UFC events. The report will indicate not only who was injured and how long they are out but also what the injury is and just how severe it may be.

Stay tuned to this week as more news from the event, including medical suspensions and fighter salaries, are released.


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