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UFC Fight Night 10 Thoughts and Commentary

With a very exciting UFC Fight Night in the books it’s time to reflect on the action that took place and look back on what a good UFC event it truly was.

What is there not to say about Stout vs. Fisher II other than I can’t wait for their third meeting in a rubber match. Their fight was an absolute stand up battle with both dropping bombs but each fighters weathering the storm to push the bout to a decision that went to Fisher. Despite not being major names in the UFC the fight was sure to impress the crowd at the event and those who watched on Spike and it shows why events that may not have a major star can still host some of the best fights of the year. This fight is surely going to be in the running for fight of the year when all is said and done.

The biggest buzz of the event besides the war between Stout and Fisher was the seemingly late stoppage in the fight between Drew McFedries and Jordan Radev. Radev was out cold after McFedries caught him with a solid punch but the pummeling continued on the ground for several more blows to a defenseless Radev. Finally referee Jorge Alonso stopped the fight after Radev was obliterated.

There are two things that surely played into the happenings and it was too bad that the win by McFeddries is marred because of it. First, referees are apprehensive about stopping a fight too early. This was blatantly clear after Alonso allowed McFedries to continue the assault after Radev was clearly out. The referees are afraid to catch heat from fans for stopping fights too early which leads to them not stopping fights soon enough which is the situation we are in now. The other situation is that when an opponent is out cold it is okay to stop fighting them. I know the teaching is to fight until the referee stops you but when it is obvious that someone is asleep and not defending themselves at all ease up and let the ref see what is going on. No one will think less of you as a fighter for being cautious about someone else’s health and well-being.

Although his opponent may not have been top tier Anthony Johnson’s quick KO win over Chad Reiner was a very impressive UFC debut and although he still lacks much MMA experience he is sure to get another UFC fight after winning this one decisively on such short notice.

Thiago Tavares significantly improved his stock moving to 2-0 with his submission win over Jason Black in his UFC debut. While the win spoiled Black’s UFC debut it will likely give Tavares a push towards a tougher opponent on a bigger stage and his skills look solid so with some good exposure he should rise in the lightweight division which has hit a resurgence of late with the TUF 5 season about to come to a close there are sure to be a lot of new fighters at 155.

What can you say about Jon Fitch? Yet another solid performance cementing his spot as a top welterweight, its just too bad the division is at a stand-still for the most part until next year. Fitch is an active fighter who seems comfortable just about anywhere. He displayed very good submission defense and escapes in his win over Carneiro escaping from holds several times before finally cinching up a rear naked choke.Even before he was given this co-headline fight on Spike there had been a lot of talk that he deserves a slot on a PPV against a top knotch fighter in the division. His next fight should be on a PPV sometime this fall, likely in September or October.

Many feel this was one of the best UFC Fight Night events ever and I have to agree. We saw a nice mix on the card of KOs, submissions, and decisions which not only gave the event a nice pace but balanced the quick KOs like Anthony Johnson’s 13-second blast to 15-minute wars like we saw in the nights main event between Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher. If the UFC can deliver events like this for free on a consistent basis with mid-caliber guys expect the ratings for these events to rise rapidly.


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