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Nogueira Leaving Brazilian Top Team?

Ever since Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira signed with the UFC without “permission” from Brazilian Top Team and official Murilo Bustamante their relationship could be described as tenuous at best. A recent report from MMA weekly to indicates the downward turn it has taken with it appearing that Nogueira may be bolting from the team.

The saga started earlier this year when Nogueria signed with the UFC on the recommendation of close friend and fellow Brazilian Anderson Silva. After signing the contract there were rumblings that Brazilian Top Team was unhappy because they weren’t consulted about the career decision although Nogueira quickly responded by saying he was old enough to make decisions on his own.

The situation simmered for some time with BTT saying that they would talk to Nogueira about the situation and that it would be resolved. It now appears that this isn’t the case as Nogueira is training for his UFC debut (?) with Black House, a camp that include Silva.

At this point the status of his affiliation with either team is really up in the air. Although he is training with Black House he still seems connected to BTT and may remain with the team although current rumors indicate that it is likely that he may change his affiliation and become a full-fledged team member of Black House later this year.

Nogueria has a 29-4-1 MMA record, most notably with Pride. He has posted wins over Fabricio Werdum, and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Dan Henderson, and Heath Herring. Notable losses include defeats by Fedor Emelianenko and Josh Barnett. His loss to Barnett was avenged in his last MMA fight earlier this year.

No official announcement of a move or split has been announced by Black House or BTT respectively although if the situation is as tense and tumultuous as the rumors sound a move is not only possible but seems highly likely.


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