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Gracie Tests Positive for Steroids

UFC legend and famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist Royce Gracie has tested positive for Nadralone, a banned performance enhancing steroid.

Gracie essentially started the art of MMA after winning UFC 1, UFC 2, and UFC 4. Gracie came into the fights as a much smaller fighter but was able to use his submission skills to take down larger opponents based on skill as opposed to brute strength. The wins not only boosted popularity in Jiu-Jitsu but also helped to make MMA a recognized sport. The UFC was originally started as a competition to see what specialty would be the best in an actual combat situation and his wins with much less strength reliant techniques led to the wide discipline cross-training we see today.

In the UFC he boasted a 11-2-1 record after fighting to a draw with Ken Shamrock at UFC 5 and losing to Matt Hughes in his last UFC fight at UFC 60.

He also fought extensively in Pride before heading to K-1 to take part in a heavily touted rematch with Kazushi Sakuraba which ultimately fizzled after Gracie won the rather dull fight with a unanimous decision.

According to the California State Athletic Commission Gracie tested positive for traces of the popular steroid Nandrolone in a post-fight drug test. As a result of the failed test he was fined $2500, the maximum amount the state can issue, and was suspended from fighting in the state until the end of May 2008.

While the fine has yet to be finalized due to an appeals process that can happen based on the low likelihood of an appeal succeeding it appears Gracie will probably never fight again in the state of California.

Gracie has yet to comment on the situation but when and if he does it will be interesting to not only address the topic of his positive test but also whether he is ever planning on returning to MMA.


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