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Report: PRIDE Reforming; Wanderlei, Fedor, and Shogun May Return

What a fast paced world we live in. Just two days ago it was thought PRIDE may be completely dissolved with all of its top and mid-tier talent signing with the UFC and World Extreme Cage Fighting. New reports have surfaced that this will not be the case and Pride will hold its first post-UFC sale show on August 18th at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan according to

In other PRIDE news there are online rumors that Fedor Emelianenko, Wanderlei Silva, and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua may all return to the organization once it is resurrected under the new ownership.

Fedor is the top MMA free agent although Silva and “Shogun” hed both been rumored to have signed with the UFC. The rumors, partially fueled by a report by Frank Trigg on TAGG Radio, state that both Silva and Rua have not finalized their UFC contracts and may be returning to PRIDE. They may still square off with top UFC talent in a future UFC-PRIDE “Superbowl” event but they may not become full-time UFC fighters.

Rua’s signing was “confirmed” at UFC 71 although if current rumors are true the contract may not be finalized after all. Although the signing of Wanderlei Silva wasn’t directly announced, Dana White did state that Silva would be fighting Wanderlei Silva in his next fight which is rumored to be the main event at UFC 76.

This is all based on rumors and speculation because the UFC has been very tight lipped on what they plan on doing with PRIDE and how they plan on managing talent although if the rumors of a Pride show are true the UFC will be likely to give out more details on the resurrected PRIDE brand in the coming weeks and months.


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