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The Ultimate Fighter 8: Episode 2 Recap

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Last week on The Ultimate Fighter 8 “Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir” 32 fighters, 16 lightweights and 16 light heavyweights, arrived at the UFC training center. After Jason Guida was replaced for failing to make weight, half of the fighters fought with eight earning their way into the house and eight others being sent packing. Guida’s replacement, Mike Stewart, was TKO’d in 19-seconds by Krzysztof Soszynski, Jose Aguilar submitted to Junie Browning’s ground attack, Dave Kaplan submitted Fernando Bernstein via rear naked choke, Jules Bruchez choked out Eric Magee, Vinicius Magalhaes advances after injuring Lance Evans’ ribs, Antwain Britt scored a majority decision victory over Ryan Jimmo, Brian McLaughlin topped Brandon Garner due to an illegal knee, and Joe Duarte tapped to a rear naked choke by Phillipe Nover.

With the fates of 16 fighters still undecided another 8 fights are on tap this week.

Up first is a lightweight battle between Wesley Murch and John Polakowski. The first round is close as both fighters capture dominant positions but unable to finish their opponent off. After returning to their feet in the closing seconds of the frame Polakowski connects with a leg kick to Murch’s shin and he falls to the canvas. The round quickly concludes but it’s clear Murch’s leg is injured. Murch is able to start round two but falls to the canvas in pain seconds in and Polakowski moves on in the competition via referee’s stoppage due to a leg injury.

Frank Mir, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Dana White enjoy a laugh over Polakowski’s enthusiasm for The Ultimate Fighter which is manifested by hugging everything in sight but we’re quickly on to the next matchup…

Light heavyweight Shane Primm faces fellow 205-pounder Sean O’Connell next. O’Connell works for a takedown from the opening bell and eventually gets Primm to the canvas. On the ground they tussle for position then return to their feet briefly before Primm returns the favor and takes O’Connell down. Primm takes his back and locks in a rear naked choke that forces O’Connell to tap and Primm advances.

Lightweight Ido Pariente is out next as he takes on Efrain Escudero. Escudero secures an early takedown and works to pass on the ground but Pariente returns to his feet. Escudero gets him back to the canvas and takes Pariente’s back. A rear naked choke is in tight and Pariente taps and Escudero moves on while Pariente is eliminated.

Another light heavyweight fight is up next as Ryan Lopez meets Tom Lawlor. Lawlor quickly takes Lopez to the canvas and promptly takes his back. A rear nnaked choke is locked up and Lopez is forced to tap allowing Lawlor to advance into the house.

Tall lightweights Roli Delgado and George Roop are next into the cage. Roop has the advantage in the standup and picks apart Delgado on the feet but when the fight hits the canvas the tables turn and Delgado has the edge. Delgado locks in a submission but Mir coaches Roop and he escapes. Realizing his disadvantage on the ground Roop keeps the fight standing and continues to pick Delgado apart to earn the decision victory and a spot in The Ultimate Fighter house.

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Ryan Bader is up next and they touch gloves and we’re underway. Kingsbury is good on his feet and connects with strikes but Bader is a two-time All-American wrestler from Arizona State and  takes the fight to the canvas. It’s a close first round Mir scores for Kingsbury. Kingsbury closes the distance but Bader scores the takedown then locks in an arm triangle that forces Kingsbury to tap.

Lightweights Charles Diaz and Shane Nelson meet in the next matchup and Nelson overwhelms Diaz with standup for two full round to earn the decision victory.

We move on the the final bout of the evening as light heavyweights Eliot Marshall and Karn Grigoryan go toe-to-toe. Marshall and Grigoryan split the opening two rounds so we move on to a third and decisive final round. Mashall paces the round, controlling the fight on the ground, taking Grigoryan’s back, claiming mount, and opening up a deep cut on Grigoryan’s face. The horn sounds and Marshall appears to be the clear winner…or so we thought. Grigoryan is announced as the winner via split decision to the dismay of just about everyone who witnessed the fight.

With all the fights now in the books White congratulates all of the fighters who won their fights and made it into the house and says good job to all of the fighters. All of the fighters who lost are asked to leave and 16 fighters exit the UFC training center. Light heavyweight Antwain Britt, who suffered a broken hand in his first round victory, has been forced out of the competition due to the injury and is going home. The decision is made to bring Eliot Marshall back to replace Britt in the competition.

Next week the fighters will be divided into teams and we close out the episode with a highlight of the shenanigans that will ensue over the remainder of the season and finish off with a gem from Dana White:

“This ain’t survivor and shit. ‘Lets vote ’em off’. You fuckin’ beat ’em off. That didn’t sound good did it?”


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