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Possible Future UFC Event Locations Revealed

UFC vice president of government and regulatory affairs Marc Ratner went on the record to the Washington Times about possible locations for future UFC events. Here is what Ratner had to say:

“Coming to Washington, that is certainly a possibility, certainly under consideration. We don’t have enough dates to go around to satisfy the demand. You can’t do a big pay-per-view every week. But moving it around the country, coming here, is very important. We are talking about bringing a show to Denver, to Atlanta, to Tampa. There is a lot of action right now.

Pennsylvania just came on board. They still have to adopt regulations, but they have approved the sport to regulate. We are having bills introduced in Michigan and Illinois in the next week to 10 days. I am talking to Tennessee and Kentucky officials. There is a lot of interest right now. Getting approval in Pennsylvania was a big thing. New York is not quite ready yet, but we will be pushing for it there, trying to find out what their problems are, if there are any. … Madison Square Garden calls me once every 10 days. They really want it. The arena managers know what is happening. They see what happened in Columbus.”

If your state wasn’t mentioned there then by no means does that mean the UFC isn’t planning on coming to your state. The UFC has stated in the past that eventually they hope to do events in all of the United States, although these states are probably going to be some of the next in line to get UFC events.

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