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Hughes vs. Serra on New Years Eve

In the revolving door of dates for the welterweight title fight between Matt Serra and Matt Hughes we have yet another date for the title bout: New Years Eve. In a recent forum posting on his official site Hughes said the following:

I have been told that it willl be in Las Vegas on New Years Eve. I do not know where yet, MGM or Mandalay Bay. I would not make plans yet, just letting you know, matt

Although not technically New Years Eve the fight will likely take place on December 29th in Las Vegas. The UFC has made it tradition to hold a PPV event on the last Saturday of the year and this would be that event. It appears as though even Hughes himself is not sure of all the details or if this will actually be the date and location from the fight although this is the most direct rumors we have heard thus far.

Last year the UFC’s year-end fight was UFC 66 featuring a main event title fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. The fight was the most ordered PPV in the history of the UFC and it also had the largest live gate. The events serve as a way for the UFC to add to its annual figures by adding up to a million additional PPV buys and millions of extra dollars to it annual revenue figures.

The fight has been rumored to take place on The Ultimate Fighter 6 finale as well as a PPV event in New Jersey in November but until the UFC officially announces the event (which will not likely happen until at least August) the speculation on the location of this fight will continue.


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