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UFC Roundup: Pre-UFC 73 News and Notes

I am a bit behind today on posting news updates to the site so here is a post that is full of news tidbits to digest and get your fill of UFC news for the day:

  • Italy, Spain, Germany, and France are all being eyed for 2008 UFC events in Europe.
  • Weigh-ins for UFC 73 will be aired on ESPNews in a similar fashion to UFC 71’s.
  • Ken Shamrock has been released from his UFC contract. He had one fight remaining. Apparently the UFC doesn’t think he has what it takes to fight competitively anymore and decided it was better to part ways.
  • Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell may not be as certain as it once was. It appears Chuck will be fighting in November at a currently unnamed event although his opponent will unlikely be Silva.
  • Tito Ortiz is expected to sign a new UFC contract. Tito is also open to a fight with close friend Quinton Jackson.
  •  The HBO is not entirely dead although little has likely changed from where the talks have been all along.
  • The PRIDE contract situation has finally been clarified. The PRIDE fighter contracts ARE transferable to the new ownership but they ARE NOT transferable to the UFC. What this means is that if the UFC wants to use PRIDE fighters in the UFC they must sign new contracts but their old contracts are still valid for future PRIDE shows.
  • Tito Ortiz has confirmed that he turned down a rematch with Forrest Griffin in favor of a match with Rashad Evans.
  • It is not believed any fighters tested positive for recreational or performance enhancing drugs at UFC 72.

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