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Top UFC Stars May Soon Become Reality Stars Too

Top UFC stars Rashad Evans, Nate Marquardt, and Keith Jardine may soon be coming to a screen near you with a lot more frequency. The three Ultimate Fighting top contenders are slated to be featured in a pilot for a new reality show created by Raz Entertainment. Here’s part of a press release mentioning the new show:

“…2007 is a groundbreaking year for Raz Entertainment as it ventures into television, with a new reality sports series, and a pilot involving Ultimate Fighting Championship stars Rashad Evans, Nate Marquardt, and Keith Jardine.”

The trio of fighters all train with Greg Jackson of Jackson’s Martial Arts. Evans, Marquardt, and Jardine along with Elite XC’s Joey Villasenor will all be the focus of the new series. The show will follow the top contenders through their training, everyday lives, and fights. Now for a little background on where the fighters are headed.

All of the fighters are premiere fighters in their weight classes. Marquardt will have a middleweight title shot in under a week while Evans will be on the same card facing fellow top-contender Tito Ortiz. Jardine was quickly TKO’d at UFC 71 although he remains a top fighter in the light heavyweight division. Villasenor received an Elite XC title shot against Murilo Rua but lost the fight via TKO in the second round.

While the press release mentions only a pilot of the series with the explosive growth MMA is experiencing expect this show to be green lit and move into production later this year.


Raz Entertainment has also teamed up with the UFC to create an action movie set “in the world of Ultimate Fighting Championships”. While the vague description doesn’t let us speculate much on the exact nature of the film it appears that the movie is still a ways off although I will pass along updates about both the show and the movie as they come out.


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