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The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode 5 Recap


We immediately pick up where we left off last week as Junie Browning jumps over the fence and into the octagon to confront Efrain Escudero following his victory over Shane Nelson. Antonio Rodrigo Noeguira is able to wrangle him up before things can escalate and the situation cools down, though Team Nogueira takes offense to the situation with Nogueira remarking “He’s scared, and he’s gonna be the next to tap.” and Shane Primm telling Junie that what he did was “the most disrespectful thing you could do.”

Junie’s coach Frank Mir adds “Now you made me look stupid,” but the incident blows over and no punishment comes of it.

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva joins Team Nogueira for an intense training session (his English seems highly improved), including an extended sparring session with Ryan Bader.

The pranks have escalated back at the house as the teams use itching powder and sardines to irritate their opponents. Efrain had a hard time sleeping due to the itching powder and after a conversation with his fighters, Nogueira decides that something must be done about the pranks. He tries to recruit his opposing coach to his side, but Mir sees no harm in the current pranks. Nogueira and assistant coach Al Stankie head to the house to talk to the fighters, but they too aren’t all that concerned.

Following back-to-back wins by Team Nogueira to open up the competition, light heavyweights Elliot Marshall (Team Mir) and Shane Primm (Team Nogueira) clash in this week’s episode with Team Mir looking for their first win. Marshall gets Primm to the ground midway through the opening round and locks in a rear naked choke that forces Primm to tap. Team MIr gets its first win and improves to 1-2 in the tournament while Marshall advances to the 205-pound semis.


  • 205: Elliot Marshall (1-0)
  • 205: Krzysztof Soszynski
  • 205: Vinicius Magalhaes
  • 155: Junie Browning
  • 155: David Kaplan
  • 155: George Roop
  • 155: Shane Nelson
    Eliminated in episode four by Efrain Escudero
  • 205: Tom Lawlor
    Eliminated in episode three by Ryan Bader


  • 205: Ryan Bader (1-0)
  • 155: Efrain Escudero (1-0)
  • 205: Kyle Kingsbury
  • 205: Jules Bruchez
  • 155:Phillipe Nover
  • 155: John Polakowski
  • 155: Roli Delgado
  • 205: Shane Primm
    Eliminated in episode five by Elliot Marshall


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