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UFC 73: Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans ruled a unanimous draw (28-28, 28-28, 28-28)

Round 1: Ortiz immediately shoots in and takes down Rashad pinning him to the cage. They stand up but Tito keeps Rashad controlled. They start to move off the edge of the cage and are thowing a few before Rashad gets some distance and throws a solid combo to Tito as they lined up toe-to-toe. They return to the clench with Tito seeming to get the better of the exchanges. The fight is on hold as Rashad replaces his mouth guard. Rashad does not look himself and seems like he is lacking confidence at this point in the fight. Several solid kicks from Tito. He shoots and goes for a takedown but Rashad stays on his feet eventually gaining the upperhand reversing Tito’s attempt and lands a few solid punches cutting Tito under his eye. The round ends and they replay the shot that cut Tito. It appears he was caught by Rashad’s thumb and while the gash looks deep it isn’t bleeding a lot. scores the first round 10-9 for Tito Ortiz.

Between rounds they show Hayato “Mach” Sakurai which was a welcome surprise for UFC fans.

Round 2: Tito continues to look rather dominant landing several good shots. Rashad just doesn’t seem very confident of his skills and Tito is controlling the fight nearly completely. Rashad goes for a takedown but Tito grabs the fence to keep himself standing and receives a warning from “Big John”. Tito scores a takedown of Rashad but loses a point late in the round for grabbing the fence. He locks in a guillotine choke on Rashad on a takedown attempt by Evans and it looks like it could have ended the fight in several seconds but the horn sounds and the round comes to a close. A 9-9 round taking the penalty to Tito into account and this fight is still up for grabs.

Round 3: Rashad begins the round strong with some strikes. Ortiz looks to utilize some high kicks but nothing lands. Tito pushes Rashad against the fence but can’t finish the takedown. They back off the fence and Rashad is simply defending Tito’s attempts up to this point. After the fight stalls the referee separates them and Rashad capitalizes in the last 2 minutes. Tito attempts a takedown but Rashad sprawls and the fight stays on the feet until Rashad scores a big takedown in the final seconds but Tito covers and defends the final push. scores the final round 10-9 for Rashad Evans and this fight may end in a draw due to the lost point in round 2.

All 3 judges score the fight 28-28 resulting in a unanimous draw. Obviously most fans wanted a decision one way or the other and the point cost Tito the fight but it was a very good fight overall and surely lived up to the hype. I would surely expect a rematch very soon as Tito looked very good in the fight and Rashad Evans remains undefeated.


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