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Dana White Likes Nick Diaz, Still Dislikes Hollywood Agents

UFC President Dana White Ah, Dana White. Lover of all things controversial, hater of all things that could benefit a fighter.

Earlier in the week White appeared on a segment of Tapout Radio, where the UFC President all but confirmed his interest in former EliteXC lightweight champion and UFC veteran, Nick Diaz. Dana cited one minor issue with Diaz, which of course stems from Nick’s long documented ability to act well before he thinks:

“I think Nick Diaz is a bad ass. Nick Diaz is a tough kid, Nick Diaz doesn’t handle himself right all the time in public. I like him — I respect him as a fighter. I love his attitude. I love the way that kid fights. But you can’t do the stuff that this kid does in public. You can’t get into fights when the fight is over … you can’t do that stuff.”

Speaking of Diaz, he’ll be returning to Japan for a bout around New Years, though what event he’ll be participating in remains undecided, as DREAM’s K-1 Dynamite! on December 31st or Sengoku 7 on January 4th are equal possibilities.

White also made some noise the other day when he (again) voiced his distaste for “Hollywood Agents”, referring to Georges St. Pierre’s recent signing with entertainment powerhouse CAA (Creative Artists Agency.)

“All those Hollywood agents. You know how I feel about that…They’re all a bunch of pukes who tell you ‘we can do this, we can do that.’ If they deliver on 20 percent of that they tell you they’re going to do, you know…When you end up signing with this those guys, they end up (screwing) you up some way…Randy Couture, when do you think all that s— started… It started from the day me and that agent had that talk on the phone. That’s when it started.”

Given, Dana has had some unfortunate battles with Couture’s representation, but if there was ever a fighter to place high value on it would by all means be Georges St-Pierre. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that GSP is the unofficial, clean cut poster boy for the UFC. A role which he fills quite nicely. That being said, is it that big of a deal when a man who makes your company boatloads of money in pay-per-view revenue decides that he’d like a legitimate agency on his side? Personally, I’d rather have GSP on my roster with a “Hollywood” agent than Nick Diaz with all of Stockton behind him. But that’s just me.


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