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The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode 7 Recap


This week’s installment of “The Ultimate Fighter 8: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir” starts off with discussion on Junie Browning’s underwhelming win on last weeks episode over Roli Delgado. Though Browning walked away with a controversial split decision victory much of the praise is for Delgado’s surprising showing while Browning is criticized for his lackluster performance.

With Browning’s victory the teams are even at two wins apiece, but Team Mir now holds the upper hand as it retains the selection of the next light heavyweight matchup.

At their training session Team Mir light heavyweight and resident prankster Krzysztof Soszynski suffers a mild injury to his thumb. Though he says it is likely broken, Soszynski is optimistic that the injury is little more than a nuisance as he can still make a fist.

The two teams hold contrasting training sessions as Team Nogueira has a fun-filled non-traditional training session while Team Mir has a much-differed non-traditional session, completing some “Wanderlei Silva”-esque training complete with snorkels and ice baths.

After the training session Frank Mir compliments Vinny Magalhaes on his ground game. Vinny responds that he feel’s Nogueira’s Jiu-Jitsu is basic in contrast to their ground skills.

Back at the house the members of Team Nogueira prepare a dinner and cakes for Nogueira’s birthday. While their team and coaches enjoy the celebration several members of Team Mir feel the celebration isn’t genuine and criticize the seeming closeness of the team.

After the dinner Nogueira has a brief chat with Jules Bruchez about a potential bout against Vinny and it’s obvious that Bruchez will try to stay on his feet against the four-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion. Sure enough, Frank Mir next announces that it’ll be Jules and Vinny clashing for another spot in the 205-pound semis.

Back at the gym for another training session Team Nogueira informs their coach about Vinny’s previous comments and a portugese shouting match ensues between the UFC heavyweight champion and jiu-jitsu standout ensues.

With the matchup now set it’s time for yet another prank and, as anticipated, Krzysztof is at it yet again, this time creating a mock gravesite for Jules complete with a tombstone, body bag, flowers, and candles. All of the fighters, Jules included, get a kick out of the elaborate joke and admit it to be one of the best in the history of the series.

We advance to the fight and Jules says he’s looking to touch gloves and immediately engage Vinny on the feet while Vinny is confident that he’ll emerge victorious no matter where the fight goes, but is sure he can finish in seconds if it goes to the ground.

The fighters touch gloves at the opening bell and Vinny mixes it up with high and low kicks early. Jules is tentative while looking for an opening and keeping his distance, while Vinny continues to throw a mix of kicks that wear down Jules. Midway through the round Vinny clinches and pulls guard to get the fight to the ground then immediately sweeps into mount. From the top Vinny first tries for a gogoplata but instead transitions to an armbar to quickly induce the tap out.

While obviously disappointed in the loss, Jules is happy he got to fight in the octagon and says he’ll continue to fight to hopefully earn his way back into the UFC.

Teased for next week are more pranks, a lightweight bout, and a “betrayl”.


  • 205: Elliot Marshall (1-0)
  • 155: Junie Browning (1-0)
  • 205: Vinicius Magalhaes (1-0)
  • 205: Krzysztof Soszynski
  • 155: David Kaplan
  • 155: George Roop
  • 155: Shane Nelson
    Eliminated in episode four by Efrain Escudero
  • 205: Tom Lawlor
    Eliminated in episode three by Ryan Bader


  • 205: Ryan Bader (1-0)
  • 155: Efrain Escudero (1-0)
  • 205: Kyle Kingsbury
  • 155:Phillipe Nover
  • 155: John Polakowski
  • 205: Jules Bruchez
    Eliminated in episode seven by Vinny Magalhaes
  • 155: Rolando Delgado
    Eliminated in episode six by Junie Browning
  • 205: Shane Primm
    Eliminated in episode five by Elliot Marshall


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