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Mir Prefers Rematch With Lesnar Over Bout Against Couture

Frank MirFormer UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir would prefer to rematch Brock Lesnar than meet current heavyweight title-holder Randy Couture, Mir recently told The Sun:

“I’d rather fight Brock than Randy. Randy has been dealing with MMA for a lot longer and he knows how to fight off submissions to a greater degree than Brock does. Brock’s only trained for two or three years. I’ve been doing it a lot longer.

But Randy’s ability to stop my submissions would be about the same as my ability to stop his takedowns. He’s been wrestling for 18 years – I’ve been doing martial arts since I was four, so I’ve been practicing for 25 years. For him to catch up on the submissions game is going to be one heck of a feat.”

Mir, who battles Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira on December 27th for the UFC interim heavyweight championship, defeated Lesnar, who takes on Couture for the heavyweight title on Saturday at UFC 91, in their first meeting at UFC 81 in February via first-round submission, surviving an early onslaught of punches before locking on a fight-ending kneebar.

The winners of the two title matches will then meet in 2009 to unify the titles.


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