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Settling In [GSP Blog]

Georges St-Pierre Blog

Before going to Brazil, I had a call from one of my friends who told me that Denis Kang won his fight against Marvin Eastman by TKO in the first minute of the fight. It made me a feel good because it brings a good vibe to the team, and like Tseng Tsu says in the Art of War, battles are won by momentum. I’m also very happy because I also learned he’ll soon be fighting in the UFC, so for the first time since we started training together, we’ll be able to fight in the same organization.

I flew to Brazil Sunday night, and after a long flight I got into Rio de Janeiro. But after the flight I was very tired because I cannot sleep on the plane, so I had to take the morning off from training to take a nap of a couple of hours. I started my training Monday night after my nap, and I quickly found out that even though I just earned my black belt in BJJ, there are still a lot of guys better than me in this sport at Gracie Barra Academy. I got tapped so many times during my training there and I learned so many new tools that just for that alone, this trip was worth it. I met a bunch of new training partners and good friends as well in Brazil. My friend Cleo from Montreal went with me and was teaching a wrestling class during the day where were training a lot of takedowns and takedown defense, plus MMA sparring as well. At night I was also doing BJJ with the gi to improve my ground skill and knowledge.

During the week, one of the valets at the hotel was very nice with me it was nice to meet someone who spoke French very well. Every time a pretty woman was passing by him, he was making a comment in French about how beautiful and sexy she was. Another guy who works at the front desk was a big fan of MMA and recognized me as soon as I stepped in the hotel. He was a gentleman, too, and gave me advice on things only locals would know. I really appreciated his help. I was treated so well at this hotel that for sure the next time I come back I’ll stay at the same spot.

I came back to Montreal after a week and already after two days, I miss Acai so much it’s become my favorite fruit. I got back to my normal routine at home as soon as I started back training on last Monday. This past weekend, I got to help out some of my friends who were going to fight at a local show at Xtreme MMA. With great pride, I can tell you that they all did amazing this past Saturday. Even one of my friends, Steve Claveau, that I was cornering, did so well but before the fight, I didn’t want to tell him that I thought he was going to lose because he was fighting a guy on paper that was way better than him. He gave him his first loss by TKO referee stoppage. Then yesterday I slept so much after a night of exhaustion because I had so much emotion believe it or not, I am more nervous when I coach people than when I fight myself.

I still have a lot to do settling in to my new condo, so this week will be very busy because I want to get everything done before I get into serious training before my next fight. Talk to you soon.

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