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The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode 9 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 8 LogoWith just two fights remaining in the quarterfinals, one in each weight class, the final matchups are set and this week light heavyweights Krzysztof Soszynski and Kyle Kingsbury clash for the remaining spot in the semis.

Earlier in the season Soszynski injured his hand in training, and though the hand isn’t yet fully recovered the 205-pounder does his best to overcome the injury, attempting to train as normal while also receiving treatment for the injury.

Eliminated lightweight Dave Kaplan and light heavyweight Tom Lawlor down some drinks back at the house and things go downhill from there, as Kaplan and Lawlor first consume the other’s urine, then Kaplan, who touts that he can’t be knocked out, begs Lawlor to punch him. Though hesitant at first, Lawlor, with about a 60 pound weight advantage over Kaplan, obliges and knocks Kaplan out cold. Upon waking Kaplan insists he wasn’t knocked out despite video evidence to the contrary.

The good-natured pranks of the season continue next as Team Nogueira fill Soszynski’s room with every movable object in the house, but Krzysztof just laughs it off. Bound to get his revenge, Soszynski takes the house’s table, dishes, and utensils out the basketball court overnight, upsetting members of both teams as the house’s resident prankster gets yet another laugh.

The season’s coaches challenge is up next and the sport of choice is soccer. Mir feels Nogueira has an unfair advantage because he’s Brazilian, but Nogueira insists he doesn’t play because he’s so terrible. On the field it’s clear Nogueira is the better player, beating Mir 10-6 to earn $10,000 for himself and $1,000 for each of his team members.

In the fight, Team Mir’s top pick Soszynski, who prepared for the bout with Dan Henderson, quickly forces Kingsbury to submit to an armbar in the opening round.

Team Mir improves to 4-3 in the competition with the victory while Team Nogueira drops to 3-4.

Next week, lightweights John Polakowski and George Roop battle for the final spot in the semifinals.


  • 205: Elliot Marshall (1-0)
  • 155: Junie Browning (1-0)
  • 205: Vinicius Magalhaes (1-0)
  • 205: Krzysztof Soszynski (1-0)
  • 155: George Roop
  • 155: Dave Kaplan
    Eliminated in episode eight by Phillipe Nover
  • 155: Shane Nelson
    Eliminated in episode four by Efrain Escudero
  • 205: Tom Lawlor
    Eliminated in episode three by Ryan Bader


  • 205: Ryan Bader (1-0)
  • 155: Efrain Escudero (1-0)
  • 155:Phillipe Nover (1-0)
  • 155: John Polakowski
  • 205: Kyle Kingsbury
    Eliminated in episode nine by Krzysztof Soszynski
  • 205: Jules Bruchez
    Eliminated in episode seven by Vinny Magalhaes
  • 155: Rolando Delgado
    Eliminated in episode six by Junie Browning
  • 205: Shane Primm
    Eliminated in episode five by Elliot Marshall


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