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Chael Sonnen: My First UFC Fight Will Be Against Anderson Silva

Chael SonnenPrior to his WEC 36 victory over middleweight title-holder Paulo Filho, Chael Sonnen revealed to Gracie Mag that his first opponent in the UFC will be middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

You are one of the best fighters in the WEC. Are you thinking of heading to the UFC?

Truth is, after this fight I’m going to the UFC.

Do you have an idea who your first opponent in the UFC will be?

Once I’m in the UFC, my first adversary will be Anderson Silva.

Really? Has that been confirmed?

Yes, it’s confirmed. Once I’m in the UFC I’ll fight Anderson Silva. I think he’s a great fighter, but I’m only going to start thinking about that after my fight with Paulo Filho. If you want to ask me about it after tonight, I’ll be happy to answer.

This seems like a highly unlikely matchup at this point, especially considering Sonnen’s fight against Filho was one of the most disappointing fights of the year. If this proves true you can’t help but feel that Sonnen is being used as a stepping stone for Silva to propel himself back into the dominant status he held prior to his lackluster victory over Patrick Cote.

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