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World Victory Road Looking To Sign Antonio Silva

Antonio SilvaStill reeling from EliteXC folding and a suspension from the CSAC for testing positive for steroids, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva could rebound quicker than originally imagined despite some obvious caveats. It seems that Silva may opt to ignore his fighting suspension and contract situation en route to competing in Japan under the Sengoku banner. Five Ounces of Pain confirmed the promotion’s interest in the super-heavyweight Brazilian:

“Davis (Silva’s manager) was contacted in response to a report that appeared on the Brazilian MMA website, which is stating that Silva is “close to signing with Sengoku.” While speaking with Davis, he indicated that he did not agree with Tatame’s characterization of contract negotiations. Confirming that Silva has indeed been contacted by Sengoku, Davis was quick to add that a finalized agreement is not yet imminent.

Davis also stated that several issues must be carefully considered before Silva’s camp can decide whether it will move forward with a new promotion. The most notable concern on the table is how they want to proceed in the wake of Silva’s one-year suspension handed down by the California State Athletic Commission.”

Ignoring the CSAC to pick up a paycheck isn’t the worst career move, but it probably isn’t the brightest either. Then again Vitor Belfort did pretty much the same thing last year when he fought in England after being suspended by the NSAC, and that all worked itself out. Let us not also forget that “Ladies Man ” Armando Garcia is no longer with the CSAC, so who knows, maybe Silva will be able to fly away to Japan on wings of approval with a little finessing. The article also noted that Silva’s contract will technically be up for sale along with the rest of ProElite when it is auctioned off on November 17th.


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