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Evan Tanner Talks Anderson Silva, Current Projects


Former middleweight champion Evan Tanner (32-6 MMA, 11-4 UFC) has been out of the UFC for almost a year but he is surfacing now for what he said in an interview with

In the interview Tanner talks about lots but the focus is on what Tanner had to say about current middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

“…nobody fights him right. Nobody knows how to fight him. They all come in with the completely wrong approach. I know the exact way to beat Anderson; I know the right kind of movement, and the way to beat him.”

And if it wasn’t clear enough, here’s Tanner on his chances of coming back and whether he can win the title:

“For sure. I’ve never trained year-round, and I think I’m infamous for the amount of drinking I’ve done. Those two things have had a serious effect on what I’ve been able to do in the ring.

Starting this foundation is a huge step, I’ve put the beer down and I’m going to be training full-time, year-round for the first time in my career. The sky’s the limit. Who knows what I can do? If I could win a world championship training 2 or 3 months a year, what could I do if I’m training full-time? If I want the belt, I’ll take it. I don’t mean that arrogantly, I’m just confident”

Tanner’s plan for the immediate future include starting an MMA non-profit which you can find out more about here as well as in the interview. I recomend giving the interview a read, it has lots more than what I covered here and asks some really good questions especially about his organization.

No fight are set for Tanner and certainly not with Anderson Silva at this point but I will be sure to deliver the news as soon as we learn more about a timetable on the former champs return to the octagon.

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