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An Expensive New Year For MMA Fans

UFC 93 Franklin vs. Henderson Poster I knew I would jinx it, I just knew it. reports that despite high hopes, both UFC 93 (Dublin) and UFC 95 (London) will definitely not be broadcast for free on SpikeTV due to concerns over the production budget. What does this mean? Well, as Fightlinker and CagePotato have already pointed out, you, the consumer, now get the opportunity to shell out cold hard cash for three UFC pay-per-views within about a 40 day period. Actually, it’s more like four pay-per-views if you want to see Arlovski and Fedor square off at Affliction on January 24th. Now I’m no math whiz, but if one were to order all of the mentioned shows at $44.95 a piece, that comes to roughly $179.80. Ouch.

The decision to charge for UFC 93 and 95 piques my interest for a few different reasons. The obvious being that since overseas events have historically been on the house, I feel like the UFC should continue such acts of good will into the new year and keep their loyal fans complacent. Secondly, UFC 95 could just as easily not feature Liddell vs. Silva, as an official announcement has yet to be made regarding the highly anticipated match up. Suffice to say that without Chuck and The Spyder in tow, the card would have to be pretty darn fantastic to constitute another pay-per-view purchase.

And lastly, it is no secret that the American economy isn’t exactly booming at the moment, nor does it look to rebound any time soon. In fact, I am still looking for a new full time job after being laid off nearly two months ago. And now the MMA world wants me to cough up 179 precious bucks? Looks like someone will be hitting the bar and the bootleg sites.


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