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UFC Roundup: August 5, 2007

  • UFC veteran and The Ultimate Fighter 3 contestant Josh Haynes will be appearing on a celebrity bull riding show on CMT.
  • Recent reports from Time suggest that the UFC may be worth upwards of $1 billion.
  • Jeff Joslin is expected to fight again in the UFC in October or November.
  • Corey Hill is now expected to make his UFC debut at UFC 78. The event features a lot of lightweight fighters including B.J. Penn, Kenny Florian, Frank Edgar, and Joe Lauzon making his appearance on the card likely.
  • Further reports continue to suggest that PRIDE Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi will stay with an MMA organization in Japan and not come to the US to fight in the UFC.
  • Mark Coleman is reportedly considering a return to the UFC.
  • The UFC is considering holding a UFC event in Chicago this fall according to recent reports though it is likely this event will not take place until early-2008 due to the packed UFC schedule this fall.
  • In a recent interview Dana White confirmed the UFC has signed Wanderlei Silva. Whether or not the signing is official is no-yet-known as there has not yet been an official UFC announcement. He is expected to debut in the UFC in December with a match with Chuck Liddell as one possibility.
  • UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie did not challenge his positive steroid test from earlier this year meaning his suspension and fine are now official.
  • North Carolina has passed legislation to allow regulated MMA fights in the state. Though no events have been announced a UFC event in the Raleigh-Durham area could be held in 2008.
  • Standout mixed martial artist Paulo Filho, who will make his debut in the WEC tonight against Joe Doerksen for the vacant middleweight title, was reportedly not offered a contract in the UFC. Due to his strong background many expected he would be signed to the UFC but an interview with Filho says Zuffa offered him a contract for the WEC only.
  • Tamdan McCrory is expected to fight next in the UFC in November at UFC 78.
  • According to reports Evan Tanner and Marvin Eastman will not be facing off at UFC 76. In fact the report suggests Tanner is not even under contract with the UFC
  • B.J. Penn has plead no contest to charges stemming from a 2005 incident in which Penn was accused of assaulting a police officer in a scuffle at a Hawaii nightclub. The plea will likely mean “The Prodigy” will avoid jail time in connection with the incident.
  • Strikeforce has announced an MMA promotion they will be holding in September at the Playboy Mansion. UFC veterans Bobby Southworth and Josh Thomson will both be on the card for the event.


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