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Forrest Griffin, Wanderlei Silva Open To Future Matchup

Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva

UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, in a recent interview with Fanhouse, comments on the upcoming rematch between light heavyweight contenders Wanderlei Silva and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 92 and also expresses his openness to a potential future bout against “The Axe Murderer”.

“I think Wanderlei is a bad man and Wanderlei will get him,” Griffin said. “I’m not great at calling fights but that’s my honest opinion. He’s a good training partner and we’re becoming better friends because his English is getting better. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Wanderlei. He will never get tired of punching you. There’s just no break in him. I think of myself as someone who’s willing to do as much as anyone, but he’s the one guy who might do more. That’s a bad dude. He’s hard to put out. If he was a video game, he’d have no life bar. You’ve got a life bar that goes down but his life bar doesn’t go down. That’s why I like watching him fight. [A fight against Silva] would be great. If it’s for the right money or a belt, I’ll fight anyone.”

Silva, in a recent interview with MMA Weekly, confirmed he too would have “no problem” fighting Griffin.


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