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CSAC To Get Medieval On Antonio Silva

Antonio Silva

Antonio Silva

Just when you thought it was safe to pull one over on the California State Athletic Commission, word comes down that Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is getting slapped harder than Badr Hari after the K-1 GP Finals. According to Dave Meltzer of Yahoo!Sports, the CSAC has not taken kindly to Silva’s blatant disregard for the steroid-related suspension he received this past summer, and as punishment are now looking to revoke Silva’s fighter license. The commission is even going an unprecedented step further, fining Silva’s manager (Alex Davis of American Top Team) $2,500 just for negotiating the Sengoku bout which Silva won only two days ago.

So how bad would a revoking of Silva’s license really be you ask? This bad:

“A license revocation would mean Silva, and his corner men, would be banned from fighting in all U.S. commission states until California granted him a new license, which would be no less than one year from the date of it being revoked. Such an action would force whatever form EliteXC that potentially resurfaces this year to strip Silva of the title.”

Well there’s always the land of the rising sun, right Antonio?

Given, Antonio Silva didn’t have to ignore the CSAC’s ruling to instead compete in the “we don’t care” island of Japan, but I do feel a little sympathy for the guy. The man has to eat just like anyone else and being suspended from your job for one year, especially in this economy, has to be difficult even for a mildly popular professional fighter. Not to mention the CSAC has its own ocean of problems which seem to bring down their credibility about every other week.

Any how, Silva will have his day in front of the commission on February 10th, where he and one can only imagine a variety of lawyers will be doing their best to mend fences with Bill Douglas and crew. Oh the suspense.


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