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GSP Drops New Book “The Way of the Fight”

UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre made headlines today with the launch of his new book, “The Way of the Fight.”

St. Pierre made himself famous by dominating the MMA world, he holds a professional record of 24-2, avenging both of his losses, defending his belt eight times, and not losing a fight since 2007. Nearing the tail end of his fighting career, the international star has recently made it an obligation to hurdle different obstacles and take on new challenges accepting a role in an upcoming film and writing his first book.

St. Pierre’s “The Way of the Fight” covers the ups and downs of being a professional fighter and the bullying he endured as a young kid.

Take a look at what St. Pierre had to say in an interview with City News Toronto:


Photo By: Tom Szczerbowski- USA Today Sports




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