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Anderson Silva v. Jose “Pele” Landis Jons

MMA: UFC 148-Silva vs Sonnen II

Photographed by Mark J. Rebilas, USA Today Sports

Anderson Silva in a street fight?

According to, Jose “Pele” Landis Jons who already beat Silva twice when the current UFC middleweight champion challenged “Pele,” challenged the champion to a street fight.  Unfortunately or fortunately, Silva’s security prevented the debacle.  As a fight fan, there are a few individuals I would like to see Silva face in the octagon, i.e., GSP, John Jones, Gustafsson, and Mousasi.  But what about “Pele” who’s beaten Silva twice?

The story goes, according to

“Despite being rivals in the 90s, when they fought twice under Muay Thai rules (with two decisions for Pele), Anderson Silva, Noguchi`s student, became part of Chute Boxe and started to dispute the number one spot in his weight class against Pelé. Both guys always remained rivals inside the Chute Boxe rings. After becoming a UFC champion, Anderson helped Pele in his trainings and, according to what Anderson has told friends, even financially. The quarrel between them happened after Landy read Anderson`s version about an episode in which Pelé splashed water on Anderson and his daughter driving the car over water. After reading the book, Pelé told PVT (the source website) that the story was not true, but Anderson has confirmed it many times.”

Whatever the rivalry, it appears that “Pele” is still winning his fights at the ripe age of 39.  Maybe “Pele” should sign up with UFC and try his luck.  Until then I’ll hold my breath for Anderson Silva v. John “Bones” Jones.


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