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Michigan Looking to Regulate Amateur MMA

260px-Seal_of_MichiganFollowing the recent death of an amateur MMA fighter in Michigan, the Michigan House of Representatives approved legislation to regulate amateur mixed martial arts in the state.

According to, the two bills list out safety requirements and orders promoters to provide a doctor and ambulance on-site at all events. Furthermore, prospective fighters must be screened with a physical exam and blood test.

It looks likely that Michigan will soon join the ranks of other states in better monitoring and regulating its amateur MMA pending State Senate approval and Governor Rick Snyder’s signature.

Felix Pablo Elochukwu was a Nigerian born Canadian heavyweight who died at a nearby hospital following a fight in Port Hubron. According to, the fight was mostly on the ground, where in the third round his opponent mounted him and struck him severely, which caused the referee to stop the fight.

Reports indicate that Elochbukwu was fine immediately after the fight but soon fell ill and fell to the ground. According to same report from MMAJunkie, paramedics were on-site and he was taken to the hospital when his condition was realized.  However, neither Elochukwu or his opponent were given medical examination before their fight.


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