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UFC on Fox 7: Cormier Does Not Want Immediate Title Shot at Light Heavyweight

Mark D. Smith - USA TODAY Sports

Mark D. Smith – USA TODAY Sports

UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier does not want an immediate title shot if, and when, he drops to light heavyweight. The Strikeforce import has not hidden his desire to challenge UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, but past issues with weight cuts have kept Cormier at heavyweight to this point in his career. Cormier revealed his thoughts to MMAJunkie at the UFC on Fox 7 media day.

Said the former Olympian:

“At first, I was like so emotionally tied to that fight,” he today told MMAJunkie¬†“I was like, ‘I want to fight Jon Jones. I want to be in that division and fight him immediately.’ But I’m not a very impulsive guy. I kind of think things through.

“I’ve thought about it, and I wouldn’t be opposed to fighting one time before then just to see how my body reacts to the weight cut. It’d be very difficult to fight him in my very first fight (at light heavyweight), in a five-round fight, and my first time down in the weight and everything. As I’ve thought about it, I kind of feel it’d be in our best interest to maybe take a fight.”

Cormier cited a previous bad experience cutting weight as the reason for his change of heart. The former Oklahoma State standout suffered severe kidney failure while cutting weight to 211lbs at the 2008 Olympic games. Cormier insisted that a warm-up fight would allow him to know how his body would react to the weight cut without the pressure of a title fight.

Cormier is slated to compete at heavyweight this weekend, as he will face Frank Mir at UFC on Fox 7. Cormier insists that he is completely focused on Mir at this point, and will look to defeat the former UFC champion this Saturday.


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