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UFC on FOX 7: Mir vs. Cormier Recap – Cormier Controls Mir

UFC on FOX 7: Mir vs. Cormier Recap – Cormier Controls Mir

Mark D. Smith - USA TODAY Sports

Mark D. Smith – USA TODAY Sports

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC on FOX 7’s main card continues with our recap of tonight’s co-main event recap.  Two-time US Olympian Daniel Cormier would use excellent clinch work to control former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. Be sure to stay tuned MMAFrenzy for full coverage of UFC on FOX 7.

Cormier Controls Mir for Victory

Undersized heavyweight Daniel Cormier was successful in his UFC debut with a unanimous decision victory over Frank Mir. Cormier would use his superior wrestling to control Mir in the clinch and land solid punches and knees while there. Cormier also would take advantage of Mir’s propensity to rush forward in his striking attacks by immediately seizing control when Mir would clinch after the rush. Cormier wisely avoided the ground for the majority of the fight as well.

Cormier improves to 12-0 with the victory. The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion will now entertain a move to the light heavyweight division.


Rd 1- Mir trying to land kicks to open the fight but Cormier easily evades. Big knee by Mir but Cormier with a clinch and nice strikes that are cracking Mir. DC with a front-headlock and a nice headkick and punches off the break. DC leveraging a greco-clinch against the cage. Big punches and knees to the body by DC. Huge elbow on the exit by DC. More strikes by DC and then he drives Mir to the cage in the clinch. Cormier slips on a kick and Mir tries to lock up a choke but can’t. Hard legkick by DC. Another legkick by DC and the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 DC.

Rd 2- Jumping kick by DC misses. Body-head combo by DC. DC with another solid clinch against the cage. Mir is trying to be active but Cormier backs it out. Big shot by Cormier and back to the clinch. Mir is cut pretty good by an elbow. Fighters break and again DC lands before clinching. Big uppercuts by DC on the inside. Massive uppercuts by DC but Mir lands on the exit. Brutal body shots by Cormier again. Break of the clinch by Herb Den with 0:20 left. MMAFrenzy has it 20-18 as the round ends.

Rd 3- Cormier and Mir are wiped off between rounds. Kicks by Mir and Cormier with a takedown attempt and scrambles back into the clinch. Nice right by Cormier. Big shots by Mir off the break though. Nice kicks by Mir but Dan with another clinch. Big right as Cormier took Mir’s back but gave it up to avoid a possible sub attempt by Mir. Knee to the thigh by Cormier but Dean separates them. Mir storm forward and clinches. Cormier immediately seizes control of it. Big punches by Cormier after he takes Mir down and lets him up. Mir with some knees in the clinch. More punches in the clinch by Cormier. Another big strike by Cormier and Dean separates him. Huge body kick by Cormier wit 0:10 left and the round ends with Mir trying to rush. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Cormier (30-27).

Daniel Cormier def. Frank Mir via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)


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