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UFC 159: Davis vs. Magalhaés Recap

Vinny Magalhaes

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC 159 continues with our recap of a light heavyweight battle between Phil Davis and Vinny Magalhaés. The two heated rivals engaged in a grinding fight that saw Davis come out on top with dominant victory.

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Davis Picks Magalhaés Apart

Former Penn State wrestler Phil Davis showed his evolution as a fighter tonight as it was his striking that left Vinny Magalhaés perplexed in their bout. Davis utilized a strong jab that was very accurate throughout all three rounds of their fight tonight. Davis would wisely stay off the ground with the BJJ world champion. The one time he was taken down, Davis would keep his composure and work back up to his feet despite the threat of submission. Davis has now won two-straight fights in the Octagon.


Rd. 1- Headkick by Vinny is blocked and he is clearly looking to land kicks early. Nice body combo by Davis. Rush by Vinny and the fighters are briefly in the clinch but Davis breaks it. Nice headkick by Davis is partially blocked and Magalhaes is stunned. Davis is pushing the pace with the striking attack and wisely avoiding the clinch. Nice takedown by Vinny but Davis works very well on the ground and escapes. Davis is constantly attacking with 1-2’s to mess with Magalhaes’ timing. Brilliant combos by Davis here. Vinny claims an eye-poke by Miraglotta waves it on. More combos by Davis as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Davis.

Rd. 2- Nice right by Vinny to start the action. Vinny ducks a front kick to the face by Davis. Davis hits a brilliant duck-under and secures a takedown but lets Vinny up. Wicked pair of combos by Davis. Davis has a fantastic stiff jab working tonight. Inside legkick by Vinny. Davis keeps Vinny backing up with these jabs. The former Penn State wrestling star looks very relaxed. Davis catches a kick and takes him down off it. Davis with one punch and lets Vinny back up. Davis is just picking Vinny apart now. Vinny with a takedown attempt but Davis scrambles out and busts up Vinny’s face on the exit. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Davis (20-18).

Rd. 3- Vinny comes out with a sense of urgency in the third but Davis is just too quick for him. Davis with more misdirection and a jab that gets answered by Magalhaes. Vinny’s movement is non-existent so far. Davis attacks with a shot but lets Vinny pull guard and wisely back off. Big punches by Davis against the cage. Ton of feints by Davis so far. Fans are booing but Davis is just dominant. Davis eats a legkick to land a big body shot. More and more rights by Davis as he is in total control. Vinny with a desperate takedown attempt but it is terrible form and Davis just backs away. 1:00 left now and Vinny needs to get crazy here. Davis continues to pick his shots and is just picking Vinny apart. Headkick by Vinny with :10 left but that’s it. MMAFrenzy has the round and the fight for Davis (30-27).

Phil Davis def. Vinny Magalhaés via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


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