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Jackson: Jones at Heavyweight Fun Challenge

Jon jones

Now that Jon Jones has violently put an end to Chael Sonnen’s, albeit, brief run as a light-heavyweight contender, speculation continues as to what’s next for the champ. While Jones has already said he wants to fight Alexander Gustfasson when he returns from his foot injury, that doesn’t mean the MMA world isn’t fixated on the possibility of him fighting Anderson Silva or at heavyweight.

After all, in a pre-UFC 159 media call, Jones acknowledged that he’d like to explore super fight and heavyweight options, after he sets a new record for title defenses at 205 pounds. So, what does the champ’s head trainer Greg Jackson think about his fighter competing  against larger and possibly more powerful competition? Evidently it would be a new and exciting puzzle to solve.

“Yeah, I’m OK with whatever they want to do. If he wants to do that, then I’ll help him out,” Jackson reportedly said while appearing on The MMA Hour. “I’ve always said that it’s up to fighters and the management. Then it’s my job to figure out how we’re going to do that. If that’s the parameters they want to give, that’s what I do. And I actually enjoy that. Anything different is good.”

Not to take anything away from one the sport’s greatest coaches, but solving that riddle is probably a lot easier, when you get to throw a ridiculously powerful, agile and lengthy fighter like Jones into the equation.

As things look now, however, and in MMA that could change within the hour, Jones will probably fight at light-heavyweight once or twice more before a move to heavyweight is possible.



Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


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