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UFC’s Ratner to Request Rule Changes

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC’s Ratner to Request Rule Changes

There’s been no shortage of controversial stoppages and decisions in recent months, talk to UFC 159’s Gian Villante about that, and the UFC’s Marc Ratner is going to see about making some changes.

According to a report from MMA Junkie, the UFC’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs plans to meet with the Association of Boxing Commissions, which oversees the sport’s unified rules. Ratner is hoping to discuss a couple of rules in particular, including the one which states a referee can determine whether a fighter can continue after incurring an accidental foul (other than a low blow).

Case in point, the aforementioned Villante, who had his bout stopped Saturdat when he quickly told referee Kevin Mulhall that he couldn’t see after being accidentally poked in the eye by Ovince St. Preux. After all, eyes have a way of not working so well, immediately after they’ve had something jabbed into it.

Ratner, and the UFC, believe that the rule should be changed so that the cageside physician will determine whether a fighter is fit to continue. This would also give  a competitor more time to recover. Sounds like a good idea no?

The promotion also wants the ABC to review the three point stance rule, which says a fighter can’t be kneed or kicked to the head if they have more than just their feet on the mat. Hence, if a fighter has a hand touching the ground as well, a knee or kick to the head is illegal.

Ratner told MMA Junkie that they’re hoping to have the wording changed. In other words, just because a fighter has their feet, and say their little pinky on the mat, their head would still be open season to knees and kicks. Agree; that’s another change that needs to be made.


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