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Belfort: “TRT Doesn’t Win Fights”

Vitor Belfort

If you weren’t already excited to see Vitor Belfort fight Luke Rockhold fight May 18th due to their abilities alone, and you should be, then maybe the verbal scrap they’re having now has heightened your interest. Rockhold is taking issue with Belfort’s use of testosterone replacement therapy, and it looks like it’s starting to wear on the 36 year-old vet’s nerves.

The former Strikeforce middleweight champ told MMA recently that it “pisses” him off a “little bit” that Belfort has only been fighting in Brazil as of late, since the NSAC informed the fighter he was unlikely to be cleared for TRT in Nevada (Belfort tested positive for an anabolic steroid in the jurisdiction in 2006).  You may recall that Belfort’s hair raising, head kick stoppage win over Michael Bisping in January, also took place in Brazil. Rockhold would like to see a universal policy enacted regarding TRT.

While appearing on the MMA Hour Monday, Belfort fired back at Rockhold by reminding folks that his upcoming opponent is “not my doctor,  and that further:

“TRT doesn’t win fights, man. It doesn’t win fights. Look at Chael Sonnen. He’s on TRT and he lost fights in the first, second round. It’s not going to win fights. You’ve got to have skills to win fights. That’s what it is. A lot of guys are on it. I think they should release everyone who’s on it, because that would bring more legitimacy to the sport, and UFC doing the right thing and testing people. I think we’re on the right path, and if you lose, just accept it, man. Everyone has an excuse.”

Belfort also added that his “conversation” with Rockhold will take place in Octagon and that the rising fighter will “face a lion” May 18th. This fight is building up rather nicely, TRT debate and all.

Stay tuned to MMA for future developments and news regarding UFC on FX 8.

Article by Kelsey Mowatt


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