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White: “Nobody Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable”


Unless you’re new to the world of MMA, then you’re well aware of the fact that UFC President Dana White has never been described as “shy” or “withdrawn.” Of course, it’s just the opposite, and if the promoter doesn’t like you very much, he probably won’t have an issue telling you and millions of people at the same time. So, as a result, has White ever felt uncomfortable around someone he’s criticized or insulted? Apparently not.

White is featured in an upcoming episode of┬áMichael “The Voice” Schiavello’s talk show on AXS TV, which will air on May 17th. When asked by the announcer if there’s a fighter who could “walk into a restaurant” that White’s in, and make him feel uncomfortable, the UFC President responded:

“Nobody can make me feels uncomfortable. Nobody makes me feel uncomfortable. Like what I said about Randy Couture. He’s 100% a man in the Octagon, and he’s the furthest thing from a man outside the Octagon. He was sitting three tables from me at a restaurant right after that. I could care less. It’s a fact, what I said about him is true. What I said about him is absolutely true and anybody who knows him knows it’s true.”

┬áNo surprises there in terms of White’s response. The outgoing promoter also used the opportunity to call Frank Shamrock “an idiot”, once again, and relay that Tito Ortiz “is a pain in the ass.” Guess no one should expect White to enjoy Bellator’s new reality show starring Couture and Shamrock as coaches.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of questions “The Voice” gives White in the upcoming special. Probably a must see interview.



Article by Kelsey Mowatt


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