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Rockhold: “Black Belts Don’t Mean S–t To Me”

Kelsey Mowatt

Vitor Belfort

In theory, this Saturday’s UFC on FX 8 bout between Vitor Belfort and Luke Rockhold should feature plenty of striking exchanges that will position fans on the edge or their seats or even shadow boxing in their living rooms. Although Rockhold hasn’t scored as many cringe inducing stoppage wins as Belfort, the American Kickboxing Academy fighter’s striking game is extremely well rounded and a thing to admire. ¬†As a result, people should be pretty stoked to see this fight.

Rockhold recently broke down the bout with MMA, and the 28 year-old fighter acknowledged that he’ll have to use his “range and kickboxing” against Belfort, and not just “straight box with Vitor. That would be stupid.” While that was an interesting as well as understandable comment, Rockhold’s take on how a grappling battle would go down with Belfort was the interview’s highlight.

“If it goes to the ground, I think it’s my world. I know he’s a longtime black belt, but black belts don’t mean s–t to me.”

Okay then. Check the usual question regarding Belfort’s BJJ black belt off the list. It’s interesting that not only is Rockhold clearly not worried about Belfort’s submission game, but it sounds like he believes he has a decided edge on the mat. While it will be interesting to see what goes down if the bout does hit the ground, this fight does seem like it will be decided standing no?

Stay tuned to MMA for more on UFC on FX 8, which will be hosted by Jaragua do Sul, Brazil on May 18th.


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