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Nick Diaz: Can He Really Be a Fight Promoter?

Nick Diaz: Can He Really Be a Fight Promoter?

In recent days, news has arisen that Nick Diaz, the same guy who skipped out on media obligations prior to his fight with Carlos Condit, plans to become create a new fight promotion based out of Stockton, California called War Mixed Martial Arts. On the surface this seems like a rather outrageous idea. How is a guy who has openly discussed how much he hates promoting his own fights, going to start a business where the only purpose of the business is to promote fights? More than that, Nick Diaz has never struck me as a guy who is particularly attentive when it comes to paperwork and if we’ve learned anything from the Bjorn Rebney and Eddie Alvarez legal battle, it’s that there is a lot of paperwork involved in running a fight promotion.

I do think that as a mouthpiece for an organization, Nick Diaz can be a useful tool for an up-and-coming fight promotion. The main things you always had to worry about with Diaz’s fights were is drug tests. Well, as a promoter he can smoke all the marijuana he wants and the fights are still going to go on. Hell, he can smoke on fight-day if he wants. I also think there is something significant about Diaz’s innate drawing power, especially in the city of Stockton. The UFC never would, but if they had ever held a UFC event in Stockton you have to imagine that the majority of the crowd would be there vociferously rooting for the Diaz brothers.

As the head of a promotion, people will come out to watch fights just because he is there. People will be intrigued by the promotion simply because Diaz’s name is on it. Since Diaz has stated repeatedly that he doesn’t think he wants to fight any more and because he apparently doesn’t pay taxes, this provides him a nice revenue stream aside from working as a coach or trainer with the Cesar Gracie camp. As long as Diaz can get someone who can handle the ins and outs of running a promotion behind the scenes, Diaz can actually be a great asset in a similar role that Ray Sefo holds with the World Series of Fighting. No one actually thinks that Sefo makes real decisions for WSOF and Diaz would probably act in a similar role while being a bigger draw than Sefo could ever hope to be.


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