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“Big Foot” Silva on Velasquez: “Nobody’s Invincible”

Kelsey Mowatt

Cain Velasquez

Even though Antonio “Big Foot” Silva shocked the MMA world in February, by stopping decorated heavyweight Alistair Overeem, there’s been no shortage of talk heading into UFC 160 regarding who Cain Velasquez will fight next (as in after May 25th). Of course, a huge reason for this is that the champion needed under four minutes to leave Silva a bloody mess at UFC 146. Then, there’s also the fact that Velasquez is one of the most athletic and well rounded heavyweights the sport has ever seen.

Not surprisingly, Silva isn’t heading into this UFC 160 rematch with Velasquez thinking he doesn’t have a chance, far from it. The win over Overeem wasn’t the first time the words “Big Foot” and “upsets” were used in countless MMA headlines (you might remember his February, 2011 bout with Fedor Emelianenko). So, in a media call today to promote his UFC 160 bout with Velasquez, the 33 year-old heavyweight stated:

“I like when people underestimate me; it’s nice. I get to go out there and show them wrong. There’s no superheroes in this sport. Nobody is invincible. I’ve been putting in a lot of hard work for the last nine weeks and I’ve been preparing myself; I’m very confident that I’m going to have my arm raised on May 25th.”

If tons of fans were surprised when Silva took out Overeem, can you imagine the shockwave that would hit the MMA world if he won at UFC 160? Would the UFC move to make an immediate rubber match? It’s hard to picture isn’t it?

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