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GSP: “Innovate or Die Rings True For Me”

Kelsey Mowatt


Georges St. Pierre’s current title run may include too many decision wins for some people’s liking, but it’s important to remember that the UFC welterweight champ has won 11 straights fights and has been defeated only twice in ten years. Not only is that an impressive run for any MMA fighter, but the 31 year-old vet has done so while consistently facing the world’s best welterweights. GSP’s detractors may not love how he wins fights, but the bottom line is that he’s one of the sport’s best fighters ever.

Of course, the cornerstone of St. Pierre’s success is that he’s worked hard to become an expert in the various disciplines of fighting. While his wrestling skills are the envy of the MMA world, the Canadian is also BJJ black belt and a versatile striker. This is why he’s been able to handle renowned fighters like Jon Fitch, and Carlos Condit, and Nick Diaz, among others.

In St. Pierre’s recently released book “The Way of the Fight”, he discusses the mindset that has motivated him to become one of the best pound-for-pound fighters (excerpt via

That’s why “innovate or die” rings true for me. My whole life, I’ve been fascinated by the natural world and how animals survive or become extinct. The study of dinosaurs is especially interesting because those creatures aren’t here anymore, and they were the biggest, fiercest living things on the planet. Meanwhile, rats and cockroaches survive.

How is that? A cockroach can’t defeat a dinosaur. But the cockroach is better at one thing, and it has ensured its survival through the ages: adaptation. One could adapt to the environment and the other one couldn’t.

I fight knockout artists, grapplers, kickers, wrestlers, punchers–the whole gamut. I have to keep adapting to new hostile environments because what happens in the octagon is ever-changing. This is ingrained in my mind, and I’ve adapted my training to accept and prepare for it. …

If you’ve followed GSP’s career then hearing his thoughts on this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Up next is likely Johny Hendricks, who should be an interesting challenge for the reigning champ.

Stay tuned to MMA for more on St. Pierre and any future UFC news.


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