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Cordeiro: Silva Would KO Sonnen “For Sure”

Kelsey Mowatt


Although Wanderlei Silva responded to Chael Sonnen’s recent call out with a memorable, and very vampire like, response, it remains to be seen whether that fight will take place (Silva did miss Sonnen’s 24 hour deadline after all). One would think it would, since a ton of people would like to see it, anything can happen in the world of MMA.

In the meantime, that hasn’t stopped the MMA industry from speculating and discussing how the fight would go down. Case in point, MMA journalist Rick Lee recently caught up with storied MMA and striking trainer Rafael Cordeiro to discuss his famous pupil, “The Axe Murderer” himself. And how does Cordeiro see Silva fairing against Sonnen?

“If he fights against Chael Sonnen, I think don’t go past the first round. He’s going to knock him out for sure.”

Okay, obviously he’s going to go with Silva, but first round? Interesting. Cordeiro was also asked about Silva’s future and the continued speculation that retirement must be looming for the 36 year-old.

“He beat Brian Stann in a stand-up fight, a Muay Thai fight.  A lot of people say, ‘Wanderlei, he needs to retire,’ but it’s hard for the guy to retire if he fights and also he won bonus for best fight of the night and the best knockout of the night.”

True. Most fighter’s, even the legendary ones, tend to go out on a losing note. Will Silva be the same?

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