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Condit: Rematch With Diaz “Would Interest A Lot Of Folks”

Nick Diaz

Although Nick Diaz is apparently not interested in fighting again unless it’s against Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva, the man who sent him into a year plus retirement last February, is still interested in a rematch. That man is of course Carlos Condit, who is looking to book his next bout, after falling by unanimous decision to Johny Hendricks at UFC 158 in March.

While appearing on MMA Radio recently, Condit relayed that although he was awarded the UD victory over Diaz at UFC 143, he understands why a rematch “would interest a lot of folks.” Condit’s manager Malki Kawa has already relayed he’s on board with the bout as well.

“It was a decision. So I think we could put on a good show. It goes without saying that there was a lot of controversy after the fight. Just putting that to rest would be another reason I would like to fight.”

Hard to argue with that, and although Diaz has made it clear that he’s only interested in fighting Silva or GSP, you would think he would welcome an opportunity to get even with Condit. After all, Diaz was so disgusted with that decision, he declared at the time he was done with MMA.

Now does that mean it will happen? With most fighters you would probably say yes, but not only is Diaz a pretty unique individual, he’s also apparently looking into promoting his own event.


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